Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Easy Elastic Belt

Today, I'm going to show you how to make an easy elastic belt. 

What you need:
Enough 3" elastic to go around your waist
Matching thread
Sewing Machine or Needle

(I purchased my elastic & buckle from Hancock Fabrics.)

To figure out how much elastic you're going to need, measure your waist where you want the belt to sit then you want to subtract the width of the buckle & add 1 inch.

(For example: My waist was 35 inches & my buckle is 3 inches wide so I used 33 inches of elastic.)

I singed the ends of my elastic with a lighter to make sure it didn't shred any.

Loop your elastic through the buckle (like the picture below).

I pinned my elastic 1.5 inches down & then ran a stitch across it.

 That's it! You have a cute simple belt!

It was my perfect accessory for my Create Kids Couture Poppy dress. :)